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Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian


by C.S. Lewis

Prince Caspian Chapter 12 Summary

Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance

  • Meanwhile, Trumpkin takes the boys into Aslan's How. As they travel deeper into the dark tunnel, they hear loud voices echoing off the stone.
  • They choose to listen for a moment.
  • Nikabrik is arguing with Caspian that the dwarves unfairly suffered the brunt of Miraz's latest attack. He also argues that the horn didn't work. A Plan B is in order.
  • Before getting to Plan B, Caspian wants to know who these "friends" of Nikabrik's are.
  • They introduce themselves with some pretty intimidating speeches, but it comes down to one being a hag and the other a werewolf.
  • As for that plan, Nikabrik aims to resurrect the other great power from Narnia's past: the White Witch.
  • The others try to point out how bad idea of an idea this is, but Nikabrik defends it, believing the dwarves never had it as good as when she ruled.
  • Dr. Cornelius mentions that the White Witch is dead, but the Hag counters that witches don't really die.
  • A battle ensues, and Trumpkin, Peter, and Edmund leap in to assist. When the chaos settles, Nikabrik and his companions are slain.
  • Peter introduces himself to Caspian and promises to help the prince claim his rightful throne.
  • He then orders Nikabrik's body given a proper burial while the others can be flung into a pit.
  • Afterward, they sit down for a breakfast of a "bit of cold bear-meat […], a lump of hard cheese, an onion, and a mug of water" (12.87).
  • But no apples.

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