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Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian


by C.S. Lewis

Prince Caspian Chapter 14 Summary

How All Were Very Busy

  • A little before two o'clock, the fight is on. On, we say!
  • Trufflehunter and Trumpkin wish that Aslan had showed up before the battle, but the badger points out that at least he woke the Dryads, Hamadryads, and Silvans for some backup.
  • Peter and Miraz duke it out. Peter holds his own very well, but Miraz isn't exactly a novice. He starts to get the upper-hand.
  • Both fighters agree to have a break. Peter tells Edmund his only chance is to use Miraz's weight against him.
  • Ding! Round 2. After dancing around him, Peter knocks Miraz to the ground but refuses to deliver the killing blow. Chivalry requires that Peter let his enemy rise.
  • But since Lords Glozelle and Sopespian aren't chivalrous—like at all—they don't allow this to happen. They cry out that the Narnians stabbed Miraz in the back, and the Telmarines rush into battle. At the same time, Glozelle actually does stab Miraz in the back. What a jerk.
  • The final battle begins. Peter and Edmund finish Glozelle and Sopespian quickly.
  • With the help of the trees, the Narnians beat the Telmarines back to the Ford of Beruna.
  • There, the bridge is mysteriously absent. With no escape, the Telmarines surrender.
  • But what happened to the bridge? And what were Susan and Lucy doing?
  • Let's get to that now, shall we?
  • Early that morning, Aslan wakes the girls up to go cruising.
  • They head for the Beruna Bridge, and Aslan has Bacchus tear it down to free the rivergod.
  • From there, they jaunt into Beruna. Aslan's presence terrifies a schoolroom of children and a teacher. Well, everyone except a little girl named Gwendolen. She thinks lions are pretty cool and joins them.
  • Traveling through Telmarine territory, Aslan continues to scare away most of the Telmarines while some of them join the party.
  • The animals decide it looks like great fun, too, and hook up with Aslan's congregation.
  • At one house, they find a sick old woman. Bacchus offers her some top shelf wine, and she's instantly restored. Who knew?
  • When their task is complete, they return to meet up with Peter's army.
  • Caspian greets the once-sick woman heartily. Guess who she is? Yep, his old Nurse.

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