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Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian


by C.S. Lewis

Prince Caspian Chapter 15 Summary

Aslan Makes a Door in the Air

  • The Old Narnians greet Aslan with hugs and hurrahs.
  • Caspian finally meets the god, and Aslan makes him the official, real deal King of Narnia.
  • But it's not all joyful news. Reepicheep has been severely injured and will soon die.
  • But wait! Lucy uses her cordial to heal his wounds, and Aslan provides the martial mouse with a new tail. Okay, now it's all good news again.
  • Peter knights Caspian, and with his new found powers, Caspian turns around and knights and rewards his loyal followers.
  • As for the Telmarines, they are imprisoned, which sucks. But they're given beef and beer, so, hey, it's not so bad for them either.
  • After that, it's the celebratory feast to end all celebratory feasts. Even the trees are invited to get down and do the birch tree boogey.
  • The next day, Aslan starts the task of conflict resolution. He tells the Telmarines that those who wish to stay in Narnia may do so, but he'll provide a new home for those who want to cut loose.
  • Some Telmarines wish to stay, but most want out.
  • Aslan tells the Telmarines that their ancestors actually came to Narnia from an island in King Peter's world, and he plans to return them to that island by way of a magic doorway.
  • One brave Telmarine accepts and steps through Aslan's magic doorway. But when the guy just up and disappears, the others freak out and refuse to follow.
  • Reepicheep offers his services to show the Telmarines there is nothing to fear, but Peter knows better. It's their turn to leave as well.
  • They change into their Earth clothes, and Peter lets Edmund and Lucy in on a secret. Susan and he will never return to Narnia because they have grown too old. Womp womp.
  • But Aslan seems to have hinted that Edmund and Lucy will be back. (Can we say sequel setup?)
  • After many a goodbye and farewell, the Pevensies step through Aslan's magic doorway and return to the train station as though they never left.
  • And everything returns to normal.
  • Well, except for the fact that Edmund left his new flashlight in Narnia. Oops.

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