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Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian


by C.S. Lewis

Prince Caspian Chapter 6 Summary

The People that Lived in Hiding

  • So one summer morning, the trio takes the prince to meet the neighborhood.
  • Caspian meets the Three Bulgy Bears, Pattertwig the squirrel, and more dwarves. They decide to skip meeting the ogres and hag since they can be kind of mean.
  • They catch up with Glenstrom the Centaur, and he lets them in on some 4-1-1: the stars foretell that the time for war has come. They decide to change the theme of the council from meet-and-greet to war planning.
  • Next up is Reepicheep the mouse and his peeps, erm, mice (meeps?). They pledge their loyalty to Caspian.
  • Trufflehunter wishes they could wake up the trees, but they lack the power and don't have a magical arborist hanging about.
  • The group comes across a group of Fauns. They dance and party the night away in forest-style.
  • When Caspian wakes up the next morning, he sees the Faun hoof prints still in the ground and knows it wasn't a dream.

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