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Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian


by C.S. Lewis

Prince Caspian Chapter 8 Summary

How They Left the Island

  • And now we're caught up to speed.
  • Trumpkin tells the Pevensies that he was captured on his way to Cair Paravel and was sentenced to death by the ghosts of Cair Paravel's forest—ghosts that turned out to be the Pevensies.
  • But Trumpkin thinks that maybe—this being a war and all—the Pevensies aren't exactly going to work out since they're children.
  • This upsets Edmund, who challenges Trumpkin to a duel. Edmund soundly wins. Just to prove the point, Susan beats him in an archery contest, and Lucy heals a wound of his with her cordial.
  • Trumpkin relents on his "no help" attitude, and the team decides their best course of action is to meet up with Caspian and his company.
  • Edmund maps a course that will take them through Glasswater Creek and straight to the Stone Table (a.k.a. Aslan's How).
  • They store apples into the Telmarines' boat and ship off.
  • Lucy remembers her time as a Queen of Narnia sailing to the Lone Islands. The others remember too—although a tad less fondly as that rowing business is hard work.

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