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Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian


by C.S. Lewis

Prince Caspian: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. "The Lion," said ___________. "Aslan himself. Didn't you see?" Fill in the blank. -> Lucy
2. "All you have heard about Old Narnia is true. It is not the land of Men. It is the country of Aslan, the country of the Walking Trees and Visible Naiads, of Fauns and Satyrs, Of Dwarfs and Giants, of the gods and the Centaurs, of Talking Beasts." Who said this? -> Dr. Cornelius
3. Who said, "Don't tell me. I know when I am fairly beaten"? -> Miraz
4. Who said, "But when your sword breaks, you draw your dagger. The stories tell of other powers besides the ancient Kings and Queens. How if we could call them up?" -> Nikabrik
5. "Highest of High Kings," said ___________, "permit me to remind you that a very small size has been bestowed on us Mice, and if we did not guard out dignity, some (who weigh worth by inches) would allow themselves very unsuitable pleasantries at our expense." Fill in the blank. -> Reepicheep