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Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian


by C.S. Lewis

Prince Caspian Resources


All Official

HarperOne's site for all books—big and small, parent and child—by C.S. Lewis.

A Little Bit of Everything

Biography? Discussion of Narnia? Discussion of Lewis's more scholarly works? BBC's your one-stop shop.

Getting All Wiki up in This Joint

A community fan site dedicated to all things Narnia. As in, all things Narnia.

Lewis Fandom

Check out this wonderful and homey little fan site.

Movie or TV Productions

Old School

The BBC presents the old-school version of Prince Caspian, complete with '80s telly special effects.

New School

And Walt Disney and Walden Media give us a new coat of shiny, special effects for this classic tale.

Articles and Interviews

Freebie Bio

Google Books does you a solid and lets you read most of C.S. Lewis's biography for free.

Giving the Love

Fantasy Book Reviews calls Prince Caspian the best Narnia book. Only one way to find out why.


Salon discusses the productive and prospering friendship of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Hmmm, Tolkien…Tolkien…Tolkien, why does that name sound so familiar?

Mash It Real Good

Lewis and Tolkien's different takes on the art of mythological mashups.


Neil Gaiman discusses his love of Lewis's Narnia books and Tolkien's Middle-earth.


Trailer Tour

Check out this trailer for the 2008 movie with its epic epicness.

BBC Goodness

The BBC's take on Prince Caspian from 1989. Yes, we had TVs in 1989, and they were in color.

Hello There!

Reepicheep's entrance in the new film. Because he's Reepicheep. And Reepicheep's awesome.


Fancy Name

Here, you can pick up the unabridged audio book of Prince Caspian. That's the fancy way to say all the words are there.

Phish Not Fish

Phish's "Prince Caspian" is an interesting song choice to share the name with Lewis's novel.


Here we get Regina Spektor's "The Call" from the Prince Caspian soundtrack.

The One and Only Voice

C.S. Lewis's recording for a BBC radio broadcast. This is the only surviving recording of this lecture series, so it's kind of like having a relic in your Internet browser.


Internet Archives hosts a few copies of Lewis's audio books free of charge. Warning: some pretty heavy material present. Best left to the taller folk.


1st Edition

Yeah, Number One!

Fancy Shmancy

A collector's edition cover with colored pictures. Or, you know, you can color your own.

Original Numbering

A cover of the book with the original numbering.

C.S. Lewis Himself

The man with the big ideas holding a big old book. Wondering if there's some connection there….

Man of His Time

Because he's on the cover of Time Magazine. Get it? We crack ourselves up.

Strike a Pose

The 2005 movie poster featuring the whole cast except… Reepicheep? Do you see him anywhere?

Leading Man

Prince Caspian from the films as played by Ben Barnes. Dreamy.

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