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The Prince

The Prince


by Niccolò Machiavelli

Cesare Borgia Timeline and Summary

  • January 1, 1431: Rodrigo de Lanzol y Borgia is born.
  • 1456: Rodrigo is ordained Cardinal-Deacon of San Nicola in Carcere by his uncle.
  • 1471: Rodrigo becomes Cardinal-Bishop of Albano.
  • September 13, 1475: Cesare Borgia is born. [Insert hallelujah music here]
  • August 1, 1492: Rodrigo becomes the Pope.
  • July 1493: Alexander makes Borgia a cardinal.
  • August 17, 1498: Cesare Borgia becomes Duke of Valentinois after renouncing his position as cardinal. Borgia negotiates with Louis XII to allow the annulment of his marriage in exchange for help invading Naples.
  • 1501: Borgia Conquers Romagna and becomes Duke of Romagna. He also sieges Napes and Capua using French troops.
  • June 1502: Borgia captures Urbino and Camerino. The Orsini family starts plotting against Borgia… and he kills them.
  • August 18, 1503: Pope Alexander VI dies and Borgia is imprisoned by the new pope, Pius III.
  • 1504: Borgia is exiled to Spain, but he escapes.
  • March 12, 1507: Cesare Borgia is killed in battle.