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The Prince
The Prince
by Niccolò Machiavelli
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The Prince Letter to Lorenzo de' Medici Summary

  • Machiavelli is writing a letter to Lorenzo de' Medici, and he doesn't start out "Dear Lou," or anything like that. Nope, he just gets to the good stuff. Other people might give princes fancy-shmancy stuff like horses, gold, or assault rifles, but not Machiavelli. His gift to Lorenzo is a book. One he wrote, all by himself.
  • Okay, sure, maybe Lorenzo would have preferred a Nintendo 3DS, but Machiavelli's book is full of knowledge, and that's important stuff. Plus, it's the uncut version. No fancy words to get in your way. Just 26 chapters of pure, mind-blowing instructions on how to be the bossest prince ever.
  • Of course, Machiavelli would never dream of asking for anything in return for this marvelous gift. Never! Just, you know, if Lorenzo ever thinks about the little people…
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