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The Prince

The Prince


by Niccolò Machiavelli

The Prince Resources


A Machiavelli Cheat Sheet

If you want to look smart at a cocktail hour, just skim over this cheat sheet and everyone will think you're a Machiavelli scholar. Don't blame us if they back away and start mumbling about needing the bathroom.

Tropes Ahoy!

If TV is the only thing that helps you understand scribbles on dead trees, we have you covered.

Not All College Professors Wear Purple

This lecture from The University of Maine at Farmington covers all that you need to know about The Prince.

Don't Pee Your Pants, Niccolò

There was a whole TV series about the Borgias. Get the popcorn!

Movie or TV Productions

Video Games are Movies You Can Play

Machiavelli shows up in Assassin's Creed talking about, you guessed it, Borgia.

Biographical Film

This movie is all about Machiavelli. Finally, he'll get the love he deserves.

Articles and Interviews

Seriously Bad Handwriting

Looking at this letter written by Machiavelli makes us feel way better about our handwriting.

Machiavelli's Funny Side

He wasn't all serious stuff, and you can see it in this manuscript of his comedy Clizia.


2Pac and Machiavelli

We think the title speaks for itself.

It's a Bad Rap

Salman Rushdie clears Machiavelli's name.

A Tribute

Three minutes of vaguely political photos and quotes from Machiavelli set to the theme from The Dark Knight. What's not to love?


Thirty Minutes in Heaven

Listen to Cambridge Professor Quintin Skinner Drop knowledge on The Prince.

Philosophy and Rock and Roll

Professor Robert Harrison of Stanford tells us about Machiavelli and reality.

A Quick and Dirty Rundown

Nigel Warburton of the Open University quickly tells us some key points about The Prince.


The Man

Machiavelli never doesn't look crafty.

Bad Hair Day

This was a really unflattering portrait of Machiavelli… sorry, Nic.

La Bella Italia

We hear Florence is gorgeous this time of year.


Map It

This is what those city-states looked like.

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