The Prisoner of Chillon: A Fable
The Prisoner of Chillon: A Fable
by George Gordon, Lord Byron

George Gordon, Lord Byron’s Calling Card

What is the poet’s signature style?

Angst-ridden Hero with a Shady Past

Byron was so fond of writing poems about angst-ridden heroes with shady histories who have problems with authority that readers and literary critics have actually named that kind of hero after Byron. The narrator of "The Prisoner of Chillon" is a typical "Byronic hero" in many ways – he's definitely full of angst and he has a problem with authority (after all, he's been imprisoned for his radical political beliefs). If you like dark, brooding heroes, Byron's the guy for you – check out Manfred or Childe Harold's Pilgrimage for some heavy-duty Byronic hero action.

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