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The Prisoner of Chillon: A Fable

The Prisoner of Chillon: A Fable


by George Gordon, Lord Byron

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The Prisoner of Chillon: A Fable Exile Quotes

How we cite our quotes: I cite by line number only in this module.

Quote #1

Till I have done with this new day,
Which now is painful to these eyes,
Which have not seen the sun so rise
For years—I cannot count them o'er, (lines 41-44)

The speaker has been banished from the world – even from seeing the sun. He can't even count the number of years it's been since he's seen the sun rise.

Quote #2

But yet I forced it on to cheer
Those relics of a home so dear. (lines 101-2)

In his exile in the dungeon of Chillon, the speaker thinks about his brothers as "relics" of his previous life in almost a religious way.

Quote #3

Because I could have smiled to see
The death that would have set me free (lines 124-5)

For a while, the speaker would gladly have met death in the dungeon, since it would have meant an end to his exile.

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