The Prisoner of Chillon: A Fable
The Prisoner of Chillon: A Fable
by George Gordon, Lord Byron

The Prisoner of Chillon: A Fable Freedom and Confinement Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

And mine has been the fate of those
To whom the goodly earth and air
Are bann'd, and barr'd—forbidden fare: (lines 8-10)

The speaker makes his situation a universal one – he has shared the same "fate" as many others who have been imprisoned.

Quote #2

There are seven columns, massy and grey,
Dim with a dull imprison'd ray, (lines 29-30)

In the dungeon, even the stray "ray" of light that has made its way in through a crack in the wall seems "dull" and "imprison'd."

Quote #3

That iron is a cankering thing,
For in these limbs its teeth remain (lines 38-39)

The chains that bind the prisoner seem to leave lasting, festering marks on him that never heal. Is he talking about literal wounds, or psychological wounds?

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