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Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics

Bar Graphs and Histograms Examples

Example 1

Tim gets $5 per week, Penelope gets $10 per week, and Lu gets $7 per week. Not because Penelope is older or works the hardest. Her parents just like her best.

Compare the weekly allowances of the children using a bar graph.

Example 2

The salaries of three employees are compared in the bar graph below. Use the bar graph to answer the questions.

  1. Who makes the most money?
  2. How much more money per year does Sr. Lopez make than Mr. Jones?
  3. Who makes $50,000 per year?
  4. Hey Mr. Smith, can we borrow $100?

Example 3

Different cats were weighed. We had a tough time getting them all to sit on the scale without scratching us half to death. Anyway, we finally found them to have the following weights, in pounds.


(a) Draw a histogram for the data with interval 1 pound.
(b) Draw a histogram for the data with interval  pound.

Example 4

Use the histogram to answer the following questions.

  1. How many kids are at least 5' but not more than 5'3''?
  2. How many kids are at least 5' but not more than 5'6''?
  3. Was there a kid of height 6' in the data set?
  4. Must there have been a kid with height exactly 5' in the data set?