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Probability and Statistics Resources

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Qualitative v. Quantitative Data

Do you still get these two mixed up? We don't blame you; the names are pretty similar. This site will help you distinguish between "qualitative" and "quantitative" descriptions, if you have qualms about being in a quandary. Ooh, we just made it worse, didn't we?

Math is Fun: Quartiles

Lists of numbers can sometimes get long and unwieldy, so quartiles help break them up into sections and make them more…wieldy. Check out this handy-dandy refresher; just be careful when making your cuts. Your scissors may be imaginary, but that doesn't mean they're not dangerous. (Actually, it does.)

Connexions: Introduction to Bivariate Data

Don't let the fact that this website spelled the word "Connections" wrong bother you. They know what they're talking about. See how to display bivariate data in histogram or scatter plot form, and how to interpret what you see in those graphs. Be careful while browsing: you break-variate, you bi-variate.


Schooltube.com: Discrete v. Continuous Data

This video puts an interesting spin on discrete and continuous data, asking you to look at the two in a new light. Then, if that helps, try looking at them under fluorescents without getting a headache.

5min.com: How to Construct a Box and Whisker Plot

A box and whisker plot may sound like an evil scheme to pack up and ship kittens on the black market (or we have an overactive imagination, which is definitely possible), but it really just helps us organize lists of numbers and make sense of data. Even if our data relates to the salability of rare cat breeds.

Ten Marks: Histograms

Not quite sure what the difference is between a bar graph and a histogram? Make your confusion history with this helpful, step-by-step video tutorial on building histograms.

Onlinemathlearning.com: Scatter Plot and Line of Best Fit Videos

Why give you just one video when we can give you four? This page has links to four videos that will make you less scatterbrained about scatter plots. If four isn't enough for you, we believe there are even more videos out there on this thing called "the Internet."

Games and Tools

Quia.com: Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Play this "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"-style game and try to answer all of the questions about mean, median, mode, and range correctly to move up the money list and win the big prize! Unfortunately, the fake money is awarded in pounds rather than dollars, so you'll need to factor in the exchange rate.

Math-play.com: Probability Game

See how well you do on these probability problems. If you do poorly, this obnoxious parrot will let you know about it. If you do well, you'll be able to rub it in his beak.

Math-play.com: Permutations Millionaire

Answer these permutation questions correctly and you can win a million "dollars!" Okay, so we already had a millionaire game above, but what—you couldn't use two million?

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