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1. What do you call the excessive use of "ands" in the line, "At times poetry is the vertigo of bodies and the vertigo of speech and the vertigo of death;"?→Acrostic
2. Which poetic device is responsible for the funky word order in the line, "the laughter that sets on fire the rules and the holy commandments"?→Enjambment
3. Besides murdering the epithets in the line, "the beheading of epithets," what else does the poem do to them?→Iron them.
4. What do you call the repetition of "the love" in the line, "the love unseen and the love unheard and the love unsaid: the love in love"?→Apostrophe
5. What poetic device is behind all the S´s in the line "Syllables seeds"?→Free Verse
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