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by Octavio Paz

Proem Resources


Paz on Poets.org

Check out a brief bio, with a bibliography and links to some of his work.

Nobel Paz

Here is the Nobel Prize's write-up on Paz, who won the award in 1990.

Paz All Around

This is a pretty well-rounded collection of info on Paz's life and work.


Watching Paz Watch a Movie

We have a poem about poetry, and now a film about film, starring the poet Octavio Paz.

The Poet at Play

Here's an old movie, shot by another important Latin American writer, Julio Cortázar, of Octavio Paz dancing when he was posted as diplomat in India.

Making Sweet Music Together

Here's the poet and his translator, double-teaming his poems in DC.


Don't Mind if I Do…

accept a Nobel Prize, that is. Listen to the poet's acceptance speech here.


Poppin' it Like He's Hot

Dig this picture of Paz in a nice trench coat.

Feelin' no Pain

Check out this picture of a sculpture of that old Epicurean, Epicurus.


Here's the cover of the collection of poems where "Proem" can be found.

But My Friends Call Me Neza…

Behold! The poet-king Netzahualcoyotl.

Articles and Interviews

Surrealist Bro-mance

In this interview excerpt, Paz gets all mushy about fellow surrealist, Andre Breton.

Posthumous Popularity

Even after his death, Paz can drum up a lot of noise in the publishing business when a new translation of his poems comes out.


Where It All Begins…

Here's the book for which "Proem" is the… proem!

For the Bilingual Among Us…

Here's the original Spanish version of the book of poems, in all its glory.

Movies & TV

Low Self-Esteem

This film is based on a novel that Octavio Paz wrote about another Mexican poet (from the Spanish colonial times), Sor Juana.

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