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Progressive Era Politics

Progressive Era Politics

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Progressive Era Politics Images

The President and the Naturalist

Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir on Glacier Point, Yosemite Valley, California, c1906.

Large Man, Not Quite Large Enough Animal

Philippine Governor General (and future president) William Howard Taft seated on water buffalo, c. 1904.

Child Labor, Captured on Camera

The specter of child labor provided one of the most moving impetuses for Progressives. Photographer Lewis Hine is most closely associated with relaying the plight of the poor to the rest of America, as in this picture of a young girl working in a southern textile mill.

Children Laboring in the South

A child laboring as a shrimp and oyster worker, Biloxi, Miss. Lewis Hine, photographer. February 1911.

Black Workers in the Progressive Era

"Six black workers in the Alexandria (Va.) Glass Factory." Lewis Hine, photographer. Photographic print. June 1911.

Teddy Takes the Progressive Party Stage

Theodore Roosevelt on the campaign trail in October 1912.

Fighting Bob

Wisconsin Governor Robert La Follette, a Progressive leader, in April 1912 (shortly after his breakdown during the presidential campaign).

The Progressive Democrat

President Woodrow Wilson.

The Haggard and Defeated Progressive

A considerably more aged Woodrow Wilson after leaving office, on Armistice Day, 1921.

Ethnic Enclaves in Urban America

A photo of Mulberry Street, in the heart of the Italian immigrant community in New York City, in the early 1900s.

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