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1. Gram negative bacteria have:→Thin cell wall, outer membrane
2. Lipopolysaccharide is a component of:→The cell wall.
3. Bacteria are commonly differentiated by:→A, B, and C
4. Koch’s postulates can be applied to:→A and C
5. Thermophiles do all of the following EXCEPT:→Have higher than average A/T DNA content
6. Flagella are used for ____ while pili are used for _____ and ______.→Swimming, sticking to surfaces, conjugation
7. Spores→Have abundant energy stores
8. Nitrogen fixation→Occurs in root nodules
9. The comma-shaped bacterium Vibrio cholerae causes ___ and can be prevented by ____.→Lyme disease, ensuring consumption of clean food and water.
10. Disinfectants are:→Bactericidal
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