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Prokaryotes: Prokaryotic Family Tree True or False

1. Archaea -> Are all coccus shaped
2. Peptidoglycan is made of -> Sugars and lipids
3. Serotyping -> Was developed by Koch

You are Gram-staining a mix of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. In the graph above, the Gram-stain is blue and the counter stain is pink. Place the panels in the order they would appear in a typical Gram-staining preparation. -> one of the above

5. Which of the following is true of panel A (in the graph above): -> The curved rods (vibrio) and spirilla are gram-negative
6. Pili -> All of the above

7. Syphilis transmission can be prevented by ____. -> Reducing exposure to deer because it is transmitted by ticks.
8. Antibiotics can operate by -> Interfering with cell-wall synthesis
9. Which of the following statement about restriction enzymes is FALSE: -> They are used for PCR
10. The ____ is a good organism for studying symbiotic human microflora, as its digestive microflora are concentrated in the ____, as they are in humans. -> All of the above