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Prokaryotes: Are You Pilin My Leg? True or False

1. Which of the following would have interfered with Pasteur’s experiments -> A and
2. Cellulases are -> Made by rumen bacteria

3. Koch’s postulates are difficult to apply to diseases: -> A and B
4. Which of the statements about biofilms is FALSE: -> Biofilms depend upon pili
5. The O-antigen -> Is a part of LPS
6. Chemotaxis is: -> A class of antibiotics
7. The miasma theory was displaced by -> The theory of spontaneous germination
8. Microbes can be killed by all of these except: -> Bacteriostatic antibiotics
9. The spirochete Borrellia burgdorferi causes ___ and can be prevented by ____. -> Cholera, ensuring consumption of clean food and water.
10. Arrange the following in the proper order for cloning:
1. Digest vector and insert DNA
2. Transform DNA
3. PCR gene of interest
4. Ligate DNA -> 3, 1, 4, 2