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Prokaryotes Resources

Best of the Web. Like... linkapalooza.


When Microbes Fight Back:

This is a lecture on bacteria that covers many of the topics from this section.

Antimicrobial Craziness

Short video about antibiotic overuse and antimicrobial resistance.

Fruiting Bodies:

This is a video of myxobacteria growing fruiting bodies.

Taming the Tiny Beasts:

In this TED talk, biologist Paul Ewald discusses why pathogens are pathogens and how we might tame them.

Sing Along With Endospores:

Here’s a song about sporulating.

Ig Nobel:

Um, here’s an opera about dental bacteria performed at Harvard in 2010. Skip ahead to 54:30 for the first act.

Ice Ice Bacteria:

Here’s a rap song about bacteria. We told you it got sillier as we went along.

Sing Along with Bacteria:

This video shows how quickly bacteria can divide, through song.

Radio Stories

Get the Skinny on Bacteria:

Here is a radio story about the obese and lean mice with different bacteria inside them. Highly recommended.


This second radio story discusses bioengineering, beginning with the design of minty-fresh E. coli.

Virtual Lab

Know a Bacterium When You See One:

Using this virtual lab, you can identify bacterial strains using DNA barcoding techniques.


Picture This:

This gallery has some amazing pictures of bacteria making patterns:

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