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Prometheus Bound

Prometheus Bound


by Aeschylus

Prometheus Bound: Characters Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Prometheus Bound? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. How does Prometheus's rebellion question whether or not he acted in order to benefit humans or defy Zeus?

The text is intentionally ambiguous.
It doesn't—He acted in order to benefit humans.
It doesn't—He acted in order to defy Zeus.
We don't know if Prometheus was just in it for the Benjamins.
Q. The chorus is a group of what kind of creature?

Q. Io is transformed into what?

Q. What is the first impression Oceanus gives?

Pig Headed
Q. What kind of power does the god Power represent?

He represents electric power.
He represents the power of the universe.
He represents the power to raise the dead.
He represents Zeus's power over the other gods.