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Prometheus Bound

Prometheus Bound


by Aeschylus

 Table of Contents

Prometheus Bound Characters

Meet the Cast


All this time, and we're still not sure we want Prometheus on our side. The good? He seems to actually care about mortals. The bad? He seems to care more about himself. And here's the big question:...

Chorus of Daughters of Oceanus

Oh, the Chorus. Don't you just love them? They're a bunch of big softies—and who can blame them for being terrified of Zeus? In their dancing shoes, we'd probably act just the same Daddy's GirlsF...


Yeah, we feel bad for Prometheus and all—but at least he had a choice. All poor Io did was make the mistake of being too pretty. The BackstorySee, Io had some bad dreams. In these bad dreams, som...


Oceanus is the god of… wait for it… the Ocean.Super creative, right? Anyway, Ocean is the river that the Ancient Greeks believed encircled the earth. (It was really just the Atlantic—maybe.)...


Power is the god of… wait for it… power. Well, that was easy. Specifically, he represents Zeus's power over the other gods. As you might imagine, he is one tough, unforgiving dude who loves to...


Hephaestus is the Olympian god of fire and technology. Like the two other gods who carry out Prometheus's punishment, we don't learn too much about him—but we do get the sense that he's not a par...


Hermes is the messenger god, but according to Prometheus he's nothing but a glorified servant. He only shows up at the end, but that's long enough for Prometheus to call him "more senseless than a...


Zeus is Prometheus Bound's Big Bad. He's the evil jerk who masterminded the whole Olympian vs. Titan war, threatened to destroy humanity, and then went a little overboard with the punishment. Sure,...
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