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Prometheus Bound Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Prometheus Bound.

Power Quotes

HEPHAESTUS. The mind of Zeus is implacable—and everyone is harsh when new to power. (28-35)

Suffering Quotes

PROMETHEUS. Look, with what indignities I am tormented, to endure these trials for endless years!

Man and the Natural World Quotes

POWER. We have reached the land at the furthest bounds of earth, the Scythian marshes, a wilderness where no mortals live. (1-11)

Fate and Free Will Quotes

HEPHAESTUS. Oh, how I hate my craft skills!POWER. Why do you hate them? Quite simply, your skills aren't in any way responsible for the task you now have. HEPHAESTUS. All the same, I wish someone e...

Freedom and Confinement Quotes

POWER. Strike harder, squeeze him, don't leave any slack! He's very clever at finding ways out of impossible situations.HEPHAESTUS. Well, this arm is fixed so it can hardly be freed.POWER. Then pin...

Compassion and Forgiveness Quotes

CHORUS. I see, Prometheus; and fear brings rushing into my eyes a mist full of tears on seeing you left here to wither, bound to this rock by these degrading bonds of adamant. (144-151)

Sacrifice Quotes

PROMETHEUS. I am in this wretchedness, yoked in these constraining bonds, because I gave privileges to mortals: I hunted for, and stole, a source of fire, putting it into a fennel-stalk, and it has...

Pride Quotes

PROMETHEUS. O bright Sky, and you swift-flying winds, and river-springs, and you countless twinkling waves of the sea, and Earth mother of all, behold what I, a god, am suffering at the hands of th...

Justice and Judgment Quotes

POWER. We have reached the land at the furthest bounds of earth, the Scythian marches, a wilderness where no mortals live. Hephaestus, you must attend to the instructions the Father has laid upon y...

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