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Prometheus Bound

Prometheus Bound


by Aeschylus

Prometheus Bound Resources


Prometheus HTML'd

This website provides a complete translation of Aeschylus's play. One cool thing: it uses the Greek names of the characters Power (Kratos) and Violence (Bia).

Words Matter

This website provides another translation of Aeschylus's play. This time, Power is called Strength, and Violence is called Force.

Movie or TV Productions

Don't Look in the Box

Here's an animated retelling of the story of Prometheus and Pandora from Hesiod's epic poem the Theogony—one of Prometheus Bound's sources.

It Sounds Better in French

Also known as Prométhée, The Legend of Prometheus (1908) is an early French film adaptation of the Greek legend.

Historical Documents

Don't Bother Me, I'm Composing

This ancient sculpture depicts the alleged author of Prometheus Bound. He looks… extremely serious.

Black Lung Manuscript

This image shows a tattered copy of Aeschylus's comic play The Net-Pullers. Pretty cool that plays like Prometheus Bound were preserved throughout the millennia, even it does look like it's been afflicted with a terrible disease.


Putting High Schools to Shame

In 2006, Trinity High School put on Prometheus Bound. Yep, while everyone else in the country was doing Grease and South Pacific.

Yay, Subtitles

Okay, this is pretty cool: a professional theater company doing Prometheus Bound. In ancient Greek.

Clay Davis Teaches the Classics

State Senator Clay Davis from HBO's The Wire shows off his knowledge of Aeschylus—such as it is. (Hint: ESS-kuh-luss.)


Io and Prometheus Duet

Io and Prometheus share a tender moment in Panayoti Karousos, an opera about Prometheus by a Greek-Canadian composer.

A Little Light Music

Daniel Cornelius rocks out with an instrumental guitar track inspired by Aeschylus's play.


Anyone Hungry?

Prometheus having his liver eaten by an eagle, painted by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640). Love it.

Nope, Still Not Eating

Ancient Greek black figure pot showing Prometheus… getting his liver eaten by an eagle.

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