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Prometheus and Pandora

Prometheus and Pandora

Prometheus and Pandora Photos

    Prometheus Hates Birds
    You would, too, if they came and pecked out your liver everyday. [Prometheus Bound by Nicolas-Sébastien Adam, 1762]

    Did you really have to get so graphic, Mr. Painter? [Prometheus Bound by Jacob Jordaens, ca. 1640]

    Pandora's Box
    DON'T OPEN IT! Please… [Pandora by Jules Joseph Lefebvre, 1882]

    Pretty Please?
    This isn't going to end well. [<em>Pandora </em>by John William Waterhouse, 1896]

    Thanks a Lot
    Told you so. [Pandora by Arthur Rackham, late 19th - early 20th century]

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