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Psalms Resources


Get Your Psalms On

Read 'em all, King James style.

All Psalms, All The Time

Itching for some Psalms at 3:00AM? We'll do you one better—here, they're set to music.


Psalms go to Jamaica

Rastafarian culture has used Pslams in reggae music for decades. What do you think—a good mix?

Psalms Unearthed

When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, the writings contained a collection of psalms, and a few original writings that are psalm-ish.


See It For Yourself

A Holocaust survivor depicted all 150 psalms in painting. And now he's here to tell you about it.

Still in Action

These things were written thousands of years ago, and here we are reading them out loud today. Barack Obama chose Psalm 46 for this particular occasion.

Thank you, J.J. Abrams

The Psalms even move Charlie.


1-150, Out Loud

Not the most moving reading, but a nice way to hear what they sound like out loud.

U2, Take It Home

U2 has dabbled in the Psalms, and in this live video they perform Psalm 40. Awesomely, we might add.

Rivers of Babylon

Psalm 137 has been set to music more times than you can image. Here you can check it out in reggae.


Israel—Kind of a Big Deal

Ancient Israel was a crossroads between Egypt and Mesopotamia. Oh, and those rivers up there on the right? Those are the rivers of Babylon (remember Psalm 137?).

In the Time of the Ancient Kings

This older map tries to place Biblical cities in context. Plus it's colorful.

Ruins in the Negev Desert

Even in the desert, former empires left their marks.

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