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Ptah's Clique: Chrome Domes

Ptah's famous for his bald head and shiny skullcap. But he's not the only god rocking a cue ball.

Heracles (Hercules)

You might not think of this hunky stud as missing a gorgeous set of blonde Greek locks, but he was bald for a while after he rescued Hesione from the sea monster Poseidon sent to eat her. Hercules stabbed the beast from the inside out, but not before it ate his hair clean off.


The Taoist god of old age carries around a shiny giant peach that matches his shiny bald head. There aren't any bugs inside his peach (sorry, James), but it does make people live forever—and that's way better than bugs.


Some people say Old One-Eye wears a hat to hide his bald spot. We're not sure. We were afraid to ask.

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