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Ptah's Wall


posted a link.


Yes, it's like us. Creation and destruction.

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Hey, are you doing anything Saturday?

Nothing but the usual, watching creation to make sure it's going the right direction. Why?

Sokar and I were thinking about having a little gods' night out. You know, maybe have a few beers, go bowling?


They have a Cosmic League!

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Sounds like it'd fit us…what's that mean?


They turn out all the lights and play in the dark. Glow in the dark balls and pins, man! It'll be awesome.

Cool. Maybe I can come for an hour or two. Have you got a league name yet?

I was just thinking the three of us. We can call the team Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, how about it?


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Can I come? I like bowling.



Too soon, Seth.


Nefertem doesn't want to be a creator or a destroyer. What the heck?


Um, I was going to talk to you about this later. I just don't think I'm good at it.

It's good enough for your mother and me, for your family.


But I'm better at healing, Dad. And my lab partner, Imhotep, from class? He's really good at it, too. We were thinking about going into business together.


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Healing? Healing is all right. Going to be a surgeon, then?


Actually, Imhotep's better at that than I am. I was thinking about psychiatry. And maybe physical therapy.

I suppose as long as you're helping mortals out, it will be acceptable.


Thanks, Dad! I won't let you down.

posted a photo. My New Hat!


Maybe my Eye is on vacation again, but it looks exactly like the last hat you had.

Looking at it with both eyes, I have to agree with Ra. What's new about it?

It's blue!


So were the last 4,000 hats you got.

It's true. According to my calculations extrapolated against previous experiences, you're wearing a blue hat 99.5695% of the time.

I promise you, it's a new hat. And Thoth, you need a hobby. Seriously.

posted an event: Creator Gods Meetup.

Oh, neat. I'd love to come, but, I've got some more things I was working on that night…

We're all taking the night off to go, I'm sure it will keep.

But… sharks with lasers!

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Oh, very well. Should we reschedule?

Maybe we could create a new time? :D

I came first.

No, I came first.

He couldn't have made you first. I had to speak things into being.

Well, he had to think about things before he could speak them!

What are you two arguing about?

Which of us came first in your creation: me as your Heart or Thoth as your Tongue?

Neither of you. I came first.

Oh. Duh. I should've known that.


I got up this morning and went looking for my mug so I could pour myself some coffee, but someone broke it!

Bummer. I don't know if I could make it through a morning without a cup.

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Wasn't me, Dad.



Told you it wasn't me!

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