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by Dante Alighieri

Statius Timeline and Summary

  • On the fifth terrace of the Avaricious and Prodigal, Dante and Virgil meet Statius.
  • Statius adores Virgil and Virgil allows Dante to tell Statius who he is.
  • On the sixth terrace of the Gluttonous, Statius explains how his conversion to Christianity was inspired by Virgil’s Aeneid.
  • On the seventh terrace of the Lustful, Dante asks how souls can become emaciated if they don’t require food. Virgil cedes the floor to Statius. Statius explains the generation of souls and their aery bodies.
  • In the Earthly Paradise, Matilda summons Statius and Dante to come forward; she bathes them both in the river Eunoe and prepares them for ascent into Paradise.