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The Purloined Letter

The Purloined Letter


by Edgar Allan Poe

The Purloined Letter Rules and Order Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Paragraph)

Quote #1

The door of our apartment was thrown open and admitted our old acquaintance, Monsieur G—, the Prefect of the Parisian police. (1)

Since G— has a key to every door in Paris, he pretty much goes where he wants and does what he wants. In other words, get your bribes ready, because this is one corrupt cop.

Quote #2

"Then we scrutinised each individual square inch throughout the premises, including the two houses immediately adjoining, with the microscope, as before." (55)

Okay, we could—maybe—understand this kind of insane intrusion of privacy for a murder investigation, but we're just talking about a royal cover-up, here.

Quote #3

"What, for example, in this case of D—— has been done to vary the principle of action?" (98)

From Dupin's perspective, solving mysteries has nothing to do with re-establishing society's law and order and everything to do with following the law and order of, well, the universe.

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