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by George Bernard Shaw

Colonel Pickering Timeline and Summary

  • Pickering shows up in front of the church in Covent Garden.
  • He intercedes on Eliza's behalf when she flips out.
  • Pickering speaks a bit with Higgins and introduces himself.
  • Pickering and Higgins decide to have dinner.
  • Pickering and Higgins are talking shop when Eliza comes in and demands lessons.
  • He takes pity on her.
  • Pickering bets Higgins he can't turn her into a duchess in six months.
  • He acts as the voice of reason when Higgins gets a bit out of control.
  • A few month's later, Pickering comes to the party at Mrs. Higgins's apartment.
  • Pickering and Higgins tell Mrs. Higgins all about their experiments with Eliza.
  • He and Higgins ignore Mrs. Higgins's warnings.
  • A few months pass. Pickering, Higgins, and Eliza come back from an evening of parties.
  • Pickering congratulates Higgins on winning the bet, but does not congratulate Eliza on winning the bet.
  • Pickering goes up to bed.
  • Pickering and Higgins go to Mrs. Higgins's apartment looking for Eliza.
  • He is asked to accompany Doolittle to his wedding.
  • Pickering accepts Doolittle's invitation.