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by George Bernard Shaw

Eliza Doolittle Timeline and Summary

  • Eliza is selling flowers one night in Covent Garden.
  • She gets knocked over by some guy and loses some flowers
  • Eliza asks for money from the guy's family in compensation.
  • Eliza freaks out when she hears that some guy is writing down every word she says.
  • She is told to shut up by Higgins.
  • Eliza sees that Higgins is some kind of language teacher.
  • She is given some money by Higgins.
  • Eliza shows up at Higgins doorstep and asks to be given lessons.
  • Eliza is taken on as a pupil.
  • She is bossed around by Higgins.
  • Eliza bathes, and comes out of the bathroom wearing a kimono and looking like a beautiful Japanese woman.
  • She comes to Mrs. Higgins's party after a couple months of training.
  • Eliza speaks perfectly, until she deviates from Higgins's script.
  • Eliza amuses Freddy, who falls madly in love with her.
  • She leaves the party when Higgins gives her the signal.
  • Eliza returns from another party a few months later.
  • She has helped Higgins win the bet, but receives no congratulations.
  • Eliza gets angry and throws Higgins's slippers at Higgins.
  • She asks Higgins what she's going to do with herself now.
  • Eliza makes Higgins angry and is nearly hit by Higgins.
  • Eliza smiles when he goes up to bed.
  • She goes to Mrs. Higgins's.
  • Eliza shows herself when Higgins comes to his mother asking about Eliza.
  • She gives Higgins the cold shoulder.
  • Eliza loses her cool when she sees her father all dressed up and has it out with Higgins.
  • Eliza gets angry when Higgins suggests that she marry some rich dude.
  • She threatens to marry Freddy, or maybe even to go into competition with Higgins.
  • Eliza is nearly strangled by Higgins.
  • She says goodbye to Higgins for the last time.