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by George Bernard Shaw

Mr. Alfred Doolittle Timeline and Summary

  • Doolittle shows up at Higgins's apartment looking for Eliza.
  • He demands money in exchange for custody of Eliza
  • Doolittle asks for five pounds, and will accept no more than that.
  • He amazes Higgins with his speaking abilities.
  • Doolittle turns to leave, only to be baffled by the appearance of a Japanese woman…who turns out to be his daughter.
  • Doolittle is flabbergasted by her beauty.
  • He leaves.
  • In the last act, Doolittle shows up at Mrs. Higgins's apartment.
  • He is going to get married, and he's all dressed up.
  • Doolittle tells everyone that he has come into a lot of money.
  • Doolittle is angry at Higgins, because Higgins is responsible for getting him the speaking engagements that make him a lot of money.
  • He doesn't want to be rich, because he doesn't want people taking advantage of him.
  • Doolittle asks everyone to accompany him to his wedding.