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by George Bernard Shaw

Mrs. Higgins Timeline and Summary

  • Mrs. Higgins, who is sitting quietly at home, is disturbed by the appearance of her son.
  • She tells him that he can't visit today because she's having a party.
  • Mrs. Higgins tells him, no, that he can't bring Eliza here to perform a little test run.
  • She gives up, then starts bugging Higgins about getting married.
  • Mrs. Higgins plays along when Eliza shows up.
  • Mrs. Higgins listens to her son go wild about Eliza when everyone else leaves, but warns her son that what he's doing is harmful and will leave Eliza in a bind.
  • Mrs. Higgins tries to talk down her son when he shows up at her apartment looking frazzled and half crazy.
  • She questions Doolittle when he shows up.
  • Mrs. Higgins tells her son that Eliza is upstairs and that Eliza won't go back to live with him.
  • Mrs. Higgins suggests that Doolittle should take care of Eliza.
  • She calls Eliza down.
  • Mrs. Higgins asks if she can come to Doolittle's wedding, then goes to get ready.
  • Mrs. Higgins comes back to fetch Eliza,
  • Mrs. Higgins tells Eliza that her son will not be going to church.
  • She tells her son that she'll buy the things he asked Eliza to get him.
  • Mrs. Higgins kisses her son goodbye.