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by George Bernard Shaw

Mrs. and Miss Eynsford Hill Timeline and Summary

  • Mrs. and Miss Eynsford Hill tell Freddy to go find a cab.
  • They interrogate Eliza when she calls him by his first name.
  • Mrs. and Miss Eynsford Hill go to catch a bus when the rain stops, leaving Freddy to fend for himself.
  • They show up at Mrs. Higgins's party and engage in some small talk.
  • Mrs. Eynsford Hill is shocked when Eliza starts to deviate from the script.
  • Miss Eynsford Hill is amused by her talk.
  • Miss Eynsford Hill leaves the party.
  • Mrs. Eynsford Hill tells Mrs. Higgins that they're running a little low on money, but that her daughter doesn't get it.
  • Mrs. Eynsford Hill leaves the party.

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