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by George Bernard Shaw

Analysis: Trivia

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

The Family Guy episode entitled "One If By Clam, Two If By Sea" features a subplot in which Stewie attempts to teach his new neighbor (a woman suspiciously similar to Eliza Doolittle) to speak properly.(Source)

After winning the Academy Award for Best Screenplay for his film adaptation of Pygmalion, Shaw is reported to have said, "It's an insult for them to offer me any honour, as if they had never heard of me before – and it's very likely they never have. They might as well send some honour to George for being King of England." (Source)

In his will, Shaw offered a £500 prize (approx. $13,000 in today's money) to the first person to invent a new and more efficient system for writing English. The result, called the Shavian alphabet, was actually created by Kingsley Read. Luckily, the new system never caught on. (Learn more.)

Shaw was a vegetarian for most of his life. He wrote a fair amount the subject – it seems like he wrote a fair amount on just about every subject – but his thoughts can be summed up in a single juicy quote: "Animals are my friends…and I don't eat my friends." Isn't that good to know? (Source)

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