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by Guy Delisle

Pyongyang Resources


Chateau de Guy

Enjoyed Guy Delisle’s artwork? Want a graphic novel guide to everywhere? Check out his website for info on his world travels and his other works.

Drawn and Quarterly

It’s not a painful torture method; it’s a publishing company. They have other graphic novels by Delisle, on subjects from parenting to Jerusalem.

Movie or TV Productions

Animator. Translator. Soldier. Spy.

Gore Verbinski of Pirates of the Caribbean fame was set to bring Pyongyang to the big screen, but the 2014 Sony Hacks put the kibosh on the whole thing.

Articles and Interviews

An Outsider’s Point of View

Guy Delisle discusses what he researched before traveling to North Korea. Resource Numero Uno? 1984. You might already be prepared to travel there.

Don’t Overexplain

Guy Delisle says his goal is “not to explain too much.” Do you think he explained just enough in Pyongyang?


Turtles on Film

Delisle’s website includes tons of videos from behind the North Korean curtain, including that turtle Guy gets to know during his hotel stay.

The (Eerily Clean) Streets of Pyongyang

Want to know what’s it like to drive through the streets of Pyongyang? There’s not an app for that, but there are a few YouTube videos. It’s not as nerve-wracking as a Russian dash cam, but it’s worth a look.

Rest in Peace, Dear Leader

Here’s a taste of highly choreographed Korean propaganda: the funeral of Kim Jong-Il in 2011. Bring a tissue. North Korea requires you to mourn.


Pyongyang Edition

Not only does Guy Delisle speak with Steve Inskeep about his visit to Pyongyang in this interview, but we also learn that his name is pronounced Ghee Duh-leel. You always learn something when listening to NPR.

Drawn Around the World

In this interview, Guy talks about his fine arts education, and how he uses that artist’s eye to capture what he sees all over the world.


From Fiction to Flesh

You’ve seen Guy as a cartoon, now you can see what he really likes. Do you see the resemblance?


Knowing that this giant hotel is hollow on the inside makes Pyongyang’s skyline a little less impressive, doesn’t it?

The E-Train

If it weren’t for the horrible human rights violations, we’d love to travel on the Pyongyang subway. We’re just afraid it might be a one-way ticket to a gulag.

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