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by Guy Delisle

 Table of Contents

Pyongyang Themes

Pyongyang Themes


Kim Jong-Il might have been the de facto “king” of North Korea when Guy Delisle was there in 2003, but the truth is that propaganda is the Supreme Leader. In Pyongyang, the situation in North K...


Let’s be honest, folks. North Korea isn’t just ridiculous. It’s ridonkulous.A dead guy is still president. There’s such a thing as mandatory volunteership. Time is measured since the concep...

Contrasting Regions: North Korea vs. the World

Ah, North Korea. You’ve seen all the travel brochures and plotted out all the sights you want to see. There’s the… Oh, and then the… And who could forget the…Okay, there’s not a thing y...


“All the lonely people. Where do they all come from?” Hey, Paul and John, we’ve got the answer: they’re in North Korea. In Pyongyang, not only is North Korea cut off from the rest of the wo...

Language and Communication

Bill Murray had a hard time communicating with the Japanese in Lost in Translation.At least he had Scarlett Johansson to keep him company. In Pyongyang, Guy Delisle has no such luck. Plus, he often...


North Korea is like Wesley Snipes. In Pyongyang, it’s living the high life, flashing its bling, making it rain... but it doesn’t have any actual liquid capital to back up its lifestyle.While Sn...


We pledge allegiance to Dear Leader of the horrible dystopia of North Korea. And to his ubiquitous face, though he can barely stand. We are one nation, under Kim, totally divided, with propaganda a...


The North Korea of Pyongyang is a nation defined by war, but there comes a point where you have to get over it and move on. However, North Korea is the type to hold a grudge. And we don’t mean a...

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