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Pyramus and Thisbe Photos

    Hello? Hellooooo?
    Too bad they didn't have cell phones back in ancient Babylon. Talking through cracks in walls must've been a tough form of communication. [Thisbe by John William Waterhouse, 1909]

    When It Rains...
    Wow, not only does Thisbe's lover mistakenly kill himself, it also has to rain. Great. [Stormy Landscape with Pyramus and Thisbe by Nicolas Poussin, 1651]

    Go Away, Cupid
    If we were Cupid, and our whole love thing had just caused an unfortunate suicide, we would not be hovering above the proceedings. Just saying. [Pyramus and Thisbe by Noel Halle, 1700s]

    Hidden Lion
    If you squint, you can see the lioness who caused all the trouble in the background. [Pyramus and Thisbe by Jasper van der Laanen, 1600s]

    The Sad End
    Don't do it, Thisbe! [Pyramus and Thisbe by Gregorio Pagani, 1500s]

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