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Quadratic Formula and Functions Resources


Paul's Online Math Notes: Equations Reducible to Quadratic Form

If you want to work with quadratic-like equations, go ask Paul for help. He knows what's what, where's where, and how to do the voodoo that you need to do.

Purplemath: Complex Numbers Introduction

Imaginary numbers can take some getting used to. You have to unlearn a rule that's been drilled into your head (don't bother looking; the hole has already healed) and the exponents cycle in a way real numbers don't. This page provides some more help in wrapping your head around all these new ideas.

The Biology Project: Roots of Quadratic Equations and the Quadratic Formula

Do you want someone else to explain the quadratic formula and the discriminant to you? What, did we not do a good enough job for you? Oh fine, here you go. We could never stay mad at you.


Patrick Just Math Tutorials: Completing the Square

Follow along as Patrick completes the square in real time. It turns out the square was missing a block-shaped piece this whole time, not this L-shaped piece we've been holding onto.

WSHS Math Rap: Do the Quad Solve

There are three main methods for solving the quads—that is, quadratic equations—and this song covers them all. If you need help working on your glutes, you'll need a different rap.

Quadratic Inequalities (Visual Explanation)

Let no inequality stand unexamined. Follow this video's advice to learn more about the struggles for quadratic social justice.

Soccer Ball Parabola Drop

A terrifying video of a soccer ball repeatedly cloning itself in mid-air, using anti-gravity to suspend its progeny in place. They line up to form a series of parabolas, which we must admit is pretty cool-looking.

Games and Tools

Fun With Quadratic Equations

Insert numbers, get a parabola. Pull sliders, change the parabola. See the function, learn the function, love the function.

Quia: Caveman Parabola Game

A caveman is going to be eaten by dinosaurs unless you can correctly answer questions about parabolas. There has to be a reason that this makes sense, but we can't think of it.

Quadratic Equation Solver

This site will solve a quadratic equation given in standard form. It works great for double-checking your answers (after double-checking them by hand, of course), but not-so-great for doing your homework for you. It's also nearly impossible to use on a test. You should know by now how you should and should not use this kind of thing, so don't make us regret giving it to you.

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