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Questions of Travel
Questions of Travel
by Elizabeth Bishop

Questions of Travel Analysis

Symbols, Imagery, Wordplay

Form and Meter

Free VerseBishop loved her some free verse, and she didn't hold back in "Questions of Travel." Free verse basically means that the poem doesn't have a set form, rhyme, or metrical scheme. But don't...


The speaker of "Questions of Travel" never gives us much identifying information about herself. We don't know the color of her hair or her favorite snack food. But by the end of the poem, we know q...


"Questions of Travel" has a really intense setting at first. We feel like we're with the speaker observing rushing streams and powerful waterfalls. The images are intense and realistic. It's like w...

Sound Check

We love us some Liz Bish, but her poems aren't exactly known for their crazy sound qualities. "Questions of Travel" doesn't have a regular rhythm or a regular rhyme scheme. It's certainly not sing-...

What's Up With the Title?

We're going to get deep here for a second. This poem is called "Questions of Travel." And what is the poem filled with? Questions—about traveling. Why do we travel? What's the point of it all? Wo...

Calling Card

Detail, Detail, DetailThat "folded sunset." Those "carelessly clacking" clogs. Those "slime-hung and barnacled" ships. Phrases like this—unique, detailed, and incredibly specific—are what Bisho...


(4) Base Camp"Questions of Travel" is not too difficult to read at first. Our speaker is asking and attempting to answer some questions about travelling. No biggie. But when we read more closely, w...


Bishop published only 101 poems in her whole lifetime of writing poetry. And yet somehow, she still managed to become hugely famous. How's that for packing a punch? (Source.)Bishop loved cars and b...

Steaminess Rating

G"Questions of Travel" is an awesome poem and we love it very much, but it's the opposite of sexy. It's about clogs and birdcages. Need we say more?


Literary and Philosophical References:Blaise Pascal

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