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Questions of Travel

Questions of Travel


by Elizabeth Bishop

Questions of Travel The Home Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Line)

Quote #1

There are too many waterfalls here; the crowded streams
hurry too rapidly down to the sea, (1-2)

In its first lines, the poem sets up a subtle distinction between "here" (where the speaker is and has travelled to) and the home she will mention later. She implies that there are not too many waterfalls at home. One point for home.

Quote #2

Think of the long trip home.
Should we have stayed at home and thought of here?
Where should we be today? (13-15)

Now the questions begin. Should the speaker be elsewhere? What was the point of coming to the waterfalls in the first place? She begins to cast doubt on her experiences. Is she sounding a little nervous to you? Maybe a little regretful?

Quote #3

Oh, must we dream our dreams
and have them, too? (26-27)

Here the speaker questions her experiences again. Would she have been better off simply having her dreams, and not making them come true? This sounds like a pretty depressing sentiment to us, to be honest. Chin up, speaker!

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