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Questions of Travel

Questions of Travel


by Elizabeth Bishop

Questions of Travel Resources


Meet Ms. Bishop

A brief yet informative intro to our poet. Get the goods in one fell swoop.

Poetry Foundation

For a detailed look at Liz's lavish life.

Visit the Falls

Take a trip to Iguaçu Falls in Brazil. See—not so scary.

Elizabeth Bishop Society

Join it! You know you want to.


Charlie Rose Takes on Bishop…

… with some smart and influential poetry peeps.

Bishop's 100th Birthday Party

In which a whole bunch of poetry lovers gather to celebrate her life and work.


"Questions of Travel" Get Asked Aloud

Skip to 46:15 to hear the poem. Or listen to the whole thing if you're up for some awesome Bishop verse.

Bishop Reads "The Armadillo"

Listen to the poet read her own work.


An Outdoor Shot

Liz looking contemplative. Even a little outdoorsy.

Young Liz

See? Even wise poets were once just college kids.

Articles and Interviews

Straight Talk…

… with the poet herself.


The Poems

Get 'em here.

The Prose

Here's a great source for Bishop's letters, travel essays, memoirs, and book reviews.

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