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Ra (Re)

Ra (Re)

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Ra (Re) Photos

Ninja Cat
Chopping up Apep in my form as the Great Cat. Rawr! [Image of Ra as the Great Cat (Miuty), Tomb of Inherkau (TT299), Luxor West Bank. Tomb painting, reign of Ramses IV, ca. 1150BCE.]

Another morning, another death of Apep! Go me! [Image of Ra as the Great Cat (Miuty), Book of the Dead of Hunefer. Dynasty 19, about 1285BCE. Currently located in the British Museum.]

Luxor Summer Vacation, Dynasty 19
Ramses II was so happy to see me that he put my picture along with Amun's on the obelisks at Luxor temple. Doesn't my sun disk look awesome? I think maybe those obelisks originally belonged to someone else, but Ramses kept putting his name on everything in there… [Obelisk bearing Ramses II's name, Luxor Temple. New Kingdom Egypt, ca. 1250BCE. Photo 2007 by Asta.]

Abu Simbel
Ramses II put me at the top of the door to his big temple at Abu Simbel. Not only is this a great carving, it's a 3-D symbol of his second name, User-ma'at-Ra ("Ra's Truth is Strong"): it shows me, standing between the hieroglyph for strength (the scepter with Anubis's head on it on my left) and a feather of truth to my right. [Great Temple of Abu Simbel, southern Egypt, ca. 1250BCE. Photo 2008 by ljanderson977.]

Have You Seen This Snake?
This is Apep. I'm trying to scare him away from my boat, but I could really use some help. Ugly, isn't he? [From a tomb painting in the tomb of Ramses I (KV 16, ca. 1290BCE), Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt. Photo by Eisnel, 2004.]

A Nice Day
Padiuiset brought me flowers and burned incense before my throne. What a great guy! [Stela of Padiuiset offering to Ra, 22nd Dynasty (ca. 900BCE), now in the Louvre Museum, Paris. Photo 2007 by Jastrow.]

Thutmosis III is so kind. Here he is, bringing me some cool water. Ahhh. [Stela of Thutmosis III offering water to Ra, Dynasty 18 (ca. 1450BCE), found at Heliopolis and now in the Berlin Museum. Photo 2009 by Neithsabes.]

I'm on a boat!
It's so nice to ride the sky in a beautiful boat with my Bennu bird. [Reproduced illustration from Chapter 100 of an unknown copy of the Book of the Dead. Appears in Illusterad Verldshistoria by E. A. Wallis Budge, 1875. Scanned by Lavallen, 2010.]

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