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Rabbit, Run

Rabbit, Run


by John Updike

Janice Angstrom Timeline and Summary

  • She moves in with her parents after Rabbit leaves her, and at some point during those two months has an extramarital affair with an unknown party.
  • She gives birth to Rebecca June Angstrom in June.
  • A few weeks later she spends a miserable Sunday cooped up in the apartment with Rabbit and the crying baby, and then rejects Rabbit’s sexual advances.
  • After he walks out in anger she tries to sleep but can’t and gets more and more upset.
  • She starts drinking and tries to get through the day with nobody knowing Rabbit left, sure he will return by nightfall.
  • Her father calls and she lies about why Rabbit isn’t at work.
  • She gets mad at Nelson when he complains about lunch, and slaps him.
  • Her mother calls and upsets her terribly, and warns Janice that she’s coming over.
  • She tries to clean up the apartment and she finds the baby is dirty with her own poop.
  • She tries to give her a bath, but loses control and the baby drowns.
  • After that we don’t get much information about her, other than she forgives Rabbit and doesn’t blame him and wants to stay married to him.
  • She and Rabbit sleep (not the sexy kind) together at her parents’, plan to look for a new home after the funeral, and attend the funeral together.