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Ralph Ellison Video & Audio

Ellison on Ellison

An audio clip of Ralph Ellison talking about Invisible Man.

Invisible Man

A reading from Invisible Man.

"Invisible Man—Battle Royal"

A scene from the novel as depicted in the PBS documentary Ralph Ellison: An American Journey.

"Invisible Man—The Brotherhood"

Another scene from the novel, as depicted in the PBS documentary.

Authors@Google: Arthur Rampersad

The pre-eminent Ellison biographer speaks about his subject. Settle in for this one—it's nearly an hour long.

Invisible Man and the American Lexicon

This short video discusses the impact of Ellison's Invisible Man on the American lexicon. Note: The documentary uses the "N-word," in the context of its use in Invisible Man.

King of the Bingo Game

A trailer for a movie based on a story by Ellison.

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