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Ralph Waldo Emerson Major Works

Books and Essays:

Nature (1836)
Essays: First Series (1841)
Essays: Second Series (1844)
Poems (1847)
Representative Men (1850)
The Conduct of Life (1860)
English Traits (1865)
Society and Solitude (1870)
Parnassus (1874)
Letters and Social Aims (1875)

Lectures/Lecture Series:

"The Uses of Natural History" (1833)
"Biography" (1835)
"The American Scholar" (1837)
"Divinity School Address" (1838)
"Literary Ethics" (1838)
"The Present Age" (1840)
"New England" (1843)
"Emancipation in the British West Indies" (1844)


"The Concord Hymn" (1837)
"The Problem"
"The Humble-Bee"
"The Rhodora"
"Give All to Love"
"Boston Hymn" (1863)

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