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Rational Functions Resources


Rational Expressions

Rational expression galore—includes info on "asymptote-ing," graphing, and all that good stuff.

Direct and Inverse Variation

Practice makes perfect. You'll find lots of practice problems here to help you get your variation on.

Purplemath: Multiplying Rational Expressions

Need help with fractions? Simplifying? Factoring? It's all waiting for you here in purple-land.

Virtual Nerd: Solving Rational Equations

Don't worry—it's not too nerdy. This is a wicked-helpful site with excellent tutorials.


How to Graph a Function With a Denominator

Here's a crazy video where the instructor writes backwards on a marker board. It's a must-see.

Solving Rational Equations

Watch and learn…you might just pick up something new about prying x outta those beastly fractions.

Simplify Complex Rational Expressions

If fractions still scare you, watch this.

Games and Tools

Free Online Graphing Calculator

Graphing, but easier. Check out this free graphing calculator.

Free Math Solver

That's right—just type in the equation. It does all the work.

Cool Math Games

Take a math break. Have some fun! Strategy games, puzzles, logic, mazes…and even some pre-calculus lessons if you're really up for a challenge.

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